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Letting go due to upgrade. Fully paid. Please find your own reloan (if needed) COE till Dec 2018 (Renewable) You may come over to test ride to see the engine condition yourself if keen. No obligations. Not urgent sale too. 1. Changed brand new DID X-Ring chain, Prirelli Rosso 2 tyres, carbon stater when I took over last Sept 16. Regular servicing with motul 300v EO every 2 - 3 months depending on my usage. 2. Brand new both sides handle bar, thermostat, timer and other internal parts from Chong aik: $2000 (Nov-Dec 16) 3. Brand new NG aftermarket front and back brake disc at Chong aik:$800 (1st wk of April 17) 4. Brand new front and back brake pads at FJT: $100 (1st wk of April 17) 5. Both seats foam changed, good leather rewrap, headlights changed to H4 creed bulbs. (April 17) 6. Brand new both clutch & brake levers and clutch cable, balancer, mirrors, entire rear brake changed. (April 17) 7. Brand new aftermarket coverset $1000 just changed in mid April 17. 8. Front and back brake pads new from FJT. I at Chong aik spent 2k just last year for both sides handle bar, thermostat etc. My seats I change and rewrap. Lever, balancer, mirror, headlight, both seats, tyres Prirelli Rosso 2 all new when I took over just last Sept 16. 9. New customised fairing from Race Carbon and Inclusive of original stock fairing. #agv #hjc #shoei #arai #racing #racecarbon #carbonfibre #bike #motor #motorcycle #yamaha #suzuki #kawasaki #honda #ktm #bmw #ducati #aprilla #mvagusta #cbr400 #fireblade #2A #s4 #rvf #super4 #vtec

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