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Honda Civic



Looks That Thrill. The power to thrill begins with a new aggressive stance and face complemented with distinctive lines and curves. A signature chrome-plated wing front grille seamlessly meets the new beautifully sleek headlights. Sporty and premium, the new Honda Civic has never looked this progressive and captivating. When there’s a Civic on the road, people will stop and stare. Each feature grabs attention. And every inch of gleaming chrome sets hearts racing that much faster. So, it’s no surprise that the Civic is Honda’s highest-selling car globally. Still, there are some finer details you can tweak in your very own epic style. Additions that let you put your own spin on the Civic. And our list of genuine accessories is designed to help you do that – make your Civic as unique as you. A silver 'H' mounted on a deep red background. A symbol you'll only find on our high performance vehicles that have seen our engineering pushed to the limit. Every year we send our engineers to work with our racing teams before they even start to think about road vehicles. When they have experienced design and technology at its highest level, they can then apply that knowledge to build advanced vehicles. None more so than the Honda Civic Type R. Built in Swindon, UK, the technology behind this hot hatch's unique suspension and steering system has been developed using our Formula 1 experience. Cornering and road holding are all key to fast lap times. But, in the Honda Civic Type R, this technology has been refined to offer an exhilarating drive, no matter what road you're on. In line with Honda’s Man Maximum Machine Minimum philosophy, the Civic has plenty of room to stretch your legs. Ample cabin space, comfortable leather seats, and rear AC vents – it has all you need to experience the ultimate in comfort.Elegant design, An expansive front view. And a cockpit-like feel. It's a beautiful combination of functionality and grace, with comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

3 months ago In New Cars

Car Details



Manufactured Year



4 / 5


Hatchback / Sedan


Economical / Sport

0-100 km/h

5.6 - 11.6 seconds

Seating Capacity


CO2 Emissions

135 - 200 g/km

VES Band

B / C2

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