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I have many 1.6,1.8,2.0 cc renew coe honda civics on sales now Most number of civics in whole of turf city,grandstand car mall Renew 5 years or 10 years ones In many different colours ,auto or manual ones In very good condition ,well maintained 1 or 2 owner only Low mileage of 100km + a bit Accident free Engine gearbox in good condition to last for many years Low fuel consumption,good car to used for grab or for uber drivers We do trade in ,high trade in value for yr vehicle We do bank ,in house loan (more than 5 in house loan finance company) Min downpayment of 5k for in house loan, 30% downpayment,bank loan Flexible repayment period of 48 mths ,54 mths If loan rejected ,we shall refund the deposit 100% with no questions asked *we will do 1 time car servicing n grooming to ensure car in excellent condition b4 we handover car to customer Viewing by appointment only to avoid crowd Deposit of 1k required to book the car to try loan b4 its sold Deposit placed =car sold Test drive and breakdown calculation done on spot (no hidden cost) so no worry All with no obligation ! What are you waiting for ?PM me now ..

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