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This is a powerful 2-stroke bike which is able to produce more power then its big brother TA200. (It has the same engine as the Honda NSR-SP) It is able to cruise very comfortably at Highway Speeds even with a pillion. ;) The original paint used to be silver but it has been sprayed matte black for better aesthetics. COE : 16 May 2019 (Renewable) Road Tax paid till : 24 Jan 2018 Inspection passed : 5 Jan 2017 Apart from the regular servicing( EO and Spark plug), List of parts that have been replaced: 1. The piston 2. The ECU 3. Chain (DID) 4. Clutch plates 5. 2T reservoir 6. Chain guard 7. Handle grips 8. Battery (8 July 17) 9. 2nd Rectifier (8 July 17) - from Super4 10. Clutch cable (8 July 17) 11. New Slim IU UNIT - 5 years warranty 12. Air filter RFS : Upgrading to 2A. PM me if you are interested ;) Make: Honda Bike Type: Cruiser