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HONDA S2000 2.2.M AP2 Upgraded suspension performance with 1. Triple s high performance springs 2. Bc ZR series coilover 1. Triple S High Performance coil-over spring with coil-over kit. Triple S high performance coil-over springs installed case again! Are you still troubled by hard riding from coil-over kit ? Are you worry change low K rate coil-over spring will lose support of car and handling performance? Triple S high performance coil-over springs is no doubt your best option. Triple use new material & production to create the world-class high tensile coil-over spring for six years R&D. Triple S have better durability and the smoother riding than same spring rate. Therefore, Triple S will solve the harder riding and get the consistent spring rate throughout the stroke. Advantage 1. The largest spring stroke, spring not easy to contact. 2. The smoother riding than same spring rate. 3. Weight lighter can reduce the tire load when moving. 4. High shear stress to have more clever driving handling. 5. The highest durability against load the weight. 2. BC RACING ZR SERIES COILOVERS External Reservoir and 3-way Adjustment for track use BC Racing's ZR Series models bring a 3-way adjustable track ready coilover system to racers at an affordable price that's never been seen in the industry. Each ZR series coilover system offers independent low speed / high speed compression damping adjustments and separate rebound adjustment. They also offer full height adjustability independant of piston travel and spring preload. On cars with McPherson struts the ZR Series comes with an inverted mono-tube damper with the steel braided teflon coated line exiting the top of the damper to the external reservoirs that can be remotely mounted in the engine bay or trunk. Cars with double wishbone suspension come with upright dampers with steel braided Teflon coated lines or solid stem that exit the damper at the bottom and lead to the external reservoir that can be mounted under the chassis or on the shock body itself. they offer 30-clicks of rebound adjustment, 15 clicks of low speed compression and 12 clicks of high speed compression adjustment. Mono-tube damper with 3 way adjustable damping Inverted damper design (depending on models) 30 clicks of rebound adjustment 12 clicks of high speed compression adjustment 15 clicks of low speed compression adjustment height adjustment via shock body - not spring Choice of spring rate 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects fully rebuildable with all parts available for purchase Available at Fong Kim Exhaust System Pte Ltd and please call us for an appointment +656844 4281 or +658499 1570 now!! #bc, #coilovers, #ZRseries, #performance, #suspension, #bcracing, #BCcoilover, #Stability, #Handling, #Fongkim,#triples,

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