Honesty, Morality, and Conscience by Jerry White - Self Enrichment Book


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Honesty, Morality, and Conscience: Making Wise Choices in the Gray Areas of Life (Paperback) – by Jerry White Description - Trying to live well is difficult enough already, but in a world where the headlines tout corporate scandals, sexual deviance, and constantly shifting standards for ethical behavior, it sometimes feels impossible. We are told that the Bible is to be our touchstone for life, so what do we do when we’re faced with issues the Bible doesn’t specifically address? In Honesty, Morality, and Conscience, Jerry White takes a hard look at some of life’s gray areas. Exploring the origin and depth of our conscience, our moral compass, and truthful living, he explains how God has given us everything we need to face the moral and ethical questions of today in all areas of our lives. Explore issues of identity, integrity, and accountability as you look at your sources for discernment and wisdom. This great leadership and character-building tool includes discussion questions. *Study Guide included for Bible Study and Group Discussion Amazon Book Reviews - 1) Now a classic; a perfect intro to practical Christian ethics - By A customer Written 20 years ago, Jerry Bridges still speaks directly to the mind and heart.... especially to young adults forming their own views about what it means to live honestly in a dishonest world. He gives practical and piercing suggestions about how to live the real Christian life. Theologically astute, Biblically accurate, the book is nevertheless extremely readable. As a Professor teaching Christian ethics, I recommend this work highly. 2) Headline - By Gilbert Dorismond It's a must read book not only for Christian , but whomever like to read I recommend that.

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