Honey Lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Anti Bacterial


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Each bottle : 850g Types: - 🥃Stingless Bee Honey 850g $79 An ideal choice for lovers of the unconventional, stingless bee honey has a peculiar tang to it because of the way it is being stored. Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol level, and sugar level. Consist mainly of fructose, Suitable even for diabetic patients. - 🥃Venom Honey 850g $79 Offers Pain relief, helps with Shingles, Rheumatism and Arthritis. Relief for back pain and skin diseases. Anti inflammatory. Popular choice for the aged. - 🥃Honeydew 850g $69 Honeydew is a rich, sweet sticky liquid secreted by aphids. This honey is less sweet and has a mild milky taste. Health benefits include: Powerful antioxidants, high level of minerals, antiseptic properties, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a relaxant honey. Popular choice for kids. - 🥃Apple Vinegar 850g $59 Apple vinegar tastes sweet and tart. It can act as a good alternative for fruit juices. Health benefits include: Anti-bacterial properties, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, anti-cancer properties. Good for weight lose and helps with constipation. - 🥃Royal 850g $59 Royal honey is a secretion from the worker bees. Health benefits include: Assist cancer prevention, lower blood pressure, relief sexual infertility, and protect the liver. Good for boosting health, people who has busy schedules. - 🥃Propolis 850g $59 Propolis is commonly known as 'bee glue' and is made from mixing bee saliva and beeswax with exudate from botanical sources. Health benefits include: Anti-fungal properties, natural antiseptic, anti-viral properties, and anti-bacterial properties. Good for people with eczema. - Gift Pack 3 x 25g (2 Sets for $30) What's in the box: 1 x Propolis Honey 25g 1 xRoyal Honey 25g 1 x Apple Vinegar Honey 25g Self collect location at Punggol Walk. Or top up $4.50 for registered postage. #honey bee soothe throats health recipe cooking