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**CHEAPEST ON CAROUSELL!!** *HOT!* - Aprilskin Turnup Bleach ** Ready Stocks! ** Usual Price: $9.90 ----> Promo: $7.90! (-20% OFF!) (6 and above, $7.50 each!) ---- DIRECT FROM KOREA ---- ✨100% AUTHENTIC! ✨ - Inexpensive home self-bleaching. - Hypoallergenic with hair conditioning. - Vivid color effect in a short time. - Evenly upspotted bleaching. ⭐️ Tips: - Hair that has been dyed or coated with a dark color may not be bleached evenly or have expected outcome. - Increasing the number or time length of bleaching can make a clear color, but there is a risk of damage to hair. - Bleaching will be brighter with grey hair. 🛠How to use: 1. Make a mixture - Wear gloves and gown to avoid mixture on skin. - In an empty container, put #1 powder and #2 lotion (Lotion : Powder = 3 : 1) - Stir with a brush 2. Apply mixture to hair. - Divide the hair with a brush and apply the mixture evenly on dried hair. - Bangs tend to be discolored faster than back hair, so apply in order of neck, hair line and forehead. - Leave it for 20 minutes. If the room temperature is low / black hair / thick hair: 5-10 mins MORE. If the room temperature is high / damaged hair / thin hair: 5-10 mins LESS. 3. Wash the mixture thoroughly. - After 20 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with luke warm water. - Massage the scalp and hair using a hair treatment, then rinse it out with water. Interested parties kindly PM us! ^^ Collection Methods: 1) Self Collection (Woodlands/Jurong West) 2) Local Postage: FREE! 💌 - April Skin Turn-up Hair Treatment (Temporary) - April Skin Turn-up Color Cream (Permanent) - April Skin Turn-up Bleach Brand: Aprilskin Type: Hair Colour

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