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Are You Having These Problems Even After Spending $$ on Skin Care products ? - Dry skin with open pores - Freckle& Blackhead - Different skin tones - Wrinkles - Dull skin 80% was due to skin cleansing not done properly and lymphatic obstruction It’s time to review WHY ? Exfoliation: The Most Important Step Toward Clear Skin What is Exfoliate ? To remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, in order to improve its appearance. If no Exfoliation done ? Even the finest skin care products can't help you to produce the clean, elastic, and healthy-looking skin you want if you have badly clogged pores and dead skin cells covering your face. As the skin products were not be able to absorb efficiently. This leads to skin dehydration -> over-production of oils and more clogged pores are formed. If you're would like to eliminate wrinkles, promote blood circulation, and restore elasticity skin, then this skin scrubbers will be perfect for your needs. It allows you to pamper yourself with a treatment usually only found in professional spas and salons without breaking the $ bank. A skin scrubber features a small spatula-shaped protrusion through which tens of thousands of minute vibrations are channelled every second. The skin scrubber helps to loosen and lift the sebum and polish away dead skin cells and any impurities. The process is painless and causes no redness, swelling, or any discomfort. Why Buy Me ? - First skin scrubber using Wireless Induction Charging technique - Drip-proof - Ultra-thin - With 3–In-1 functions : a. Peeling – Deep cleansing b. Nutrition – allow the nutrient of the skin care product to penetrate deep into the skin so that it could be fully absorbed by the skin. c. Ion function - can achieve skin firming and lifting result - Beautiful appearance and easy to operate - Small size, portable and easy to carry - Built-in lithium battery for long usage - 6 months FREE Warranty Function: 1. Deep cleansing and remove impurities, sebum from the skin 2. Exfoliating the dead and aging skin 3. Accelerate the metabolism of epidermis cells 4. Promote blood circulation  5. Enhance cell absorption of skin care products. Improve skin moisture. 6. Restoring skin elasticity and improve skin texture to a firm, smooth and youthful delicate complexion. 7. Stimulates the rejuvenation of the skin tissue, rendering it youthful and luminous from the first treatment.  Features: 1. Slim, portable and waterproof 2. With ion, electric skin firming and lifting function; 3. Stylish appearance, simple operation; 4. Wireless charging; 5. Portable to be use in anywhere and anytime 3 Modes of operation: A. Peeling Mode Peeling green lit shall be on. The main effect of this mode is deep clean. The greasy dirt can be removed under the ultrasonic effect. If the greasy dirt residual appears on metal part, please clean it with clean towel or tissue. Keep the skin moist or constantly spray water on the face to achieve best result during this mode. B. Nutrition Mode Nutrition green lit shall be on. The main effect of this mode is to input the nutrition into the inner skin layer, tap and massage. Shovel shall be used by flatting on the skin under this mode, which help to tap the skin surface and help the nutrition to be absorbed by the skin. C. ION - Mode ION green lit shall be on. It helps to restore the elasticity and make your skin firm, smooth and delicate. The shovel can be used by flatting on the skin or in 30 degrees. Its using direction is opposite to that of Peeling mode, pulling from up to down. The contacting area shall be adjusted according to your need ! It can help skin rejuvenation, firming and remove fine lines. Warnings Do not use the tool, if you: - have skin allergies - have sunburned - have recently done a chemical peel or facial cosmetic surgery - having Microdermabrasion - are currently taking any medications that can cause skin sensitivity - have acne, serious skin condition, infections or open wounds Product Specification Name :Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Dimension : 160mm(L)45mm(W)23mm(D) Weight : 80g Effect : Ultrasonic Ion Material : PC + ABS + Stainless steel Color : White Product Function: Deep cleansing, remove dead skin, remove any skin impurities. Deep wrinkle removal, improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture and whiten/brighten the skin. Charging care: A. Charge the machine for 4 hours in the first time. B. To extend the battery’s life, please charge the machine for 3-4 hours after battery flat. C. Do not charge the battery in the bath room or moist area. C. When the power is connected, do not place metal or other conductors on the charging base. D. The charger and the charging base … etc. are not water-proof. Do not charge in bath room. E. Do not soaked the scribble in the water or washed. How To Use ? Confirm whether it is charged well prior to use. 1) Remove your makeup prior use. 2) Take off the protective cover of the scrubber. 3) Spray water on the face (using a sprayer). 4) Press the POWER key to enter into standby mode. 5) Press the SET key to select the mode. 6) Select PEELING mode, the corresponding Peeling green light shall be on. Scrubber plate shall be used in 45 degrees and move upwards. Main effect is to clean deeply, discharge the greasy dirt under ultrasonic wave. Always keep the skin wet / moist during PEELING Mode 7) Select NUTRITION mode, the corresponding Nutrition green light shall be on. Blade shall be used by flatting on the skin under this mode, which can tap surface and help to NUTRITION input. 8) Select LON-mode, the corresponding LON-green light shall be on. Scrubber plate shall be used in 30 degrees, and then it can be adjusted according to your demand. It can realize ion skin rejuvenation and phytosome. 9) Press SET key to back the standby mode. 10) After one cycle, press the POWER key to turn off. How to take care of the Skin Scrubber : A. Press the Power key to turn off the power. B. Use clean cloth to wipe the water droplet on machine. C. The front stainless steel part of machine shall be cleaned by dry cloth. But when it is very dirty, use cloth with neutral cleaner to clean the machine, then use dry cloth to clean again. Key points of primary test: 1. Skin care must be done after makeup removal. 2. It is best to use 1 time per day,1-2times per week. Over frequent use shall cause the discomfort of the skin. Package Includes : - An exclusive skin scrubber - English user manual - 1* charging cable - Packed in exquisite package The best Birthday and Christmas gift choice! Ideal gift for friends. Warranty Exclusions: This warranty does not extend to any products: (a) that have been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, improper storage, accident (other than an accident caused by the product itself), or that have not been properly maintained; (b) that have been modified by any Third Party; or (c) that have been disassembled, serviced, or reassembled by any Third Party.  #skin scrubber #blackhead #whitening #ultrasonic #scrubber #peeling #peeler #norishment


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