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VIVOBASE HOME convinces by its efficacy and enormous operating range. By generating a special field, humans, animals and plants can keep their health despite radiation environment. VIVOBASE HOME is available as a plug, for installation in a switch box and for switchboard installation. The generated field is able to bring water molecules within the epidermis into a line with a radiated field (orientation polarisation). Because a water molecule is a dipole, it owns because of its asymmetric structure a permanent electric dipole moment. Within the molecule where are a negative (oxygen atom) and a positively charged side (booth hydrogen atoms). By the low-frequent field of VIVOBASE HOME, which is electrically stronger as electromagnetic rays, water molecules are inhibited to follow high and low frequent electromagnetic radiation. Further positive characteristics (it is vitalising) are reached by ionisation and a certain patent. Effective radius: 30 m through walls and ceilings Application: houses, flats, companies, schools and other public buildings VIVOBASE HOME protects humans, plants & animals from the harmful effects of radiation caused by wireless devices & the earth. It creates a shield for the body but does not reduce the performance of the wireless device. Key Features: - Protection Coverage Range approximately 30 mts (Radius) - Protection through walls and ceilings - Ideal for Homes, Schools, Hotels, Offices, Malls - Easy to instal by just plugging into a power socket - 2 years warranty Retail price Total @ $590.00 NOW @$540.00 (Saves $50.00)

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