How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God by Kenneth E. Hagin - Self Enrichment Book


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How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God by Kenneth E. Hagin (Paperback) Description - Step by step guidance through the Scriptures to steer Christians away from spiritual pitfalls and help them to follow the Spirit of God in every area of life. The conscience, the inward witness, prophecy, visions, and training the human spirit. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) One of the greatest books I've ever read!!! - By homeschoolmom2009 I can't say enough about this book. Kenneth E Hagin had a God-given gift of saying deeply profound things in a simple easy to understand way. I've read many books about "hearing" from God- but this one by far surpasses them all. He explains how to hear from God, how to recognize his voice, and the difference between mans inner voice and God's. He backs everything with scripture and sound doctrine. I especially loved his take on Fleeces. I highly recommend this book. Every Christian should read it. 2) Scriptural, Clear, and Timely Teaching - By davidmgillespiedotcom I love this book. It came out of Brother Hagin's seminar on this subject. Today there are many voices in the world and many people claiming to be called to be the guiding voices to the Body of Christ. The Bible teaches that under the New Covenant, all who are born again by the Spirit of God, are themselves led by the Spirit of God. This is the primary way that God leads His children. The Bible also teaches that ALL guidance is to be evaluated in light of the Bible which is the inerrant Word of God in written form. If some guidance you have received from ANY other source cannot be confirmed by Scripture as well as the witness of your own spirit, do not follow it. Brother Hagin's teaching is very clear and scriptural. You should get it and read it.

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