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IB tuition (Langlit, Econs, History)



Looking to teach writing tips for exams and argumentative techniques for IB subjects, mainly Group 1 and 3 (Langlit, Econs, History). Online consultations available (btw this isn't essay writing services!) I scored a 7 for all subjects (overall 44), with a 91% for Langlit. > HL Langlit > HL Econs > HL History > SL Chinese B > SL Physics > SL Math With increasingly diverse/abstract IB questions, understanding and addressing the different needs of the questions is arguably the most important tool in the final weeks of preparation. Content is important, but often seen as "not balanced" or "hard to understand" if not structured properly. This may result in a seemingly "poorer" essay, even if you mugged a similar question the day before!! Personally, I don't believe that there is a "one size fits all" structure, but there are helpful guidelines to navigate the various themes and concepts!! With a passion for academic writing, I can help with constructing a concise and coherent argument that answers the question at hand. I also have notes and questions to practice application (and not just pure memory). Online consultations and commenting on essays can also be arranged! In addition to my school syllabus, I read Literature texts in my free time and tutor O and N Level History so I am familiar with many topics. Do contact me to find out if I am suitable for your course syllabus :) Timing and location can be discussed. Requests for credentials and tutoring experience can also be made via dm. Overall, I aim to help with approach coaching rather than memorizing content. I hope to be able to inspire students to write smart, not just long essays with convoluted and bombastic language 👍 Tags: international baccalaureate diploma program ibdp hourly tuition language and literature economics history english a

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Fast responses and dealt at my convenience. Very friendly and even offered to test the equipment before selling. Will definitely deal with him in future ;)