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💯Brand New Sets 🔮Pre-Order Available Comes with The Pouch Colours: 🌈Mattish Black (Check out our main page for) 🌈Mysterious Sliver 🌈Magic Black w Sliver/Black Neck 🌈Rose Gold 🌈Radiant Sliver 🌈Radiant Gold Product Details: ✨Body made of sturdy Alloy ✨High quality fibre ✨No falling of hair fibre ✨Color stays intact ✨Suitable for both professional and home use ✨Glam up your inner beauty ✨Effortless blending & contouring with a wave of your wand ✨✨✨✨✨ ✨Can be used for multiple products ✨Easy to use, convenient & quirky 🐋 Pm us if you're interested! ☀️Free mailing for our Carousell followers!

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