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Ends the Frustration of Losing Items and Keeps Valuables Traceable in Every Location. iKON is the smartest and most versatile tracking device that helps people find their most valuable items no matter how big or small. iKON also serves as a remote button for taking smartphone selfies from a distance; what's more, iKON is water and shock resistant. Video Demo here: and IKON Tracker is the latest and greatest way to recover and locate your lost items. Whether you are forgetful, complacent or just lose stuff a lot, this device is for you. You’ll have a feeling of ease knowing that you are able to find what you need more quickly because of IKON’s amazing product. Not only will you be able to find things that you’ve lost but you will be able to accomplish this task quickly. Reviews can be found here -> Meet-up only for this one or add $3.50 for registered mail.

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