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YEAR END SALE!!! Image Dynamics IDMax 12D2V3* subwoofer in a reinforced carpeted 1.5 ft3 sealed MDF enclosure. Comes with a black metal grille from DLS Denmark. Used in a non-smoking car environment. Subwoofer used for SQ listening & not for blasting loud music. Subwoofer in excellent condition. View with no obligation. * 12-inch Dual 2 Ohm, Version 3. Description: - Ultra Long Excursion: Over 2-inch Linear - Bifilar Edge-Wound Voice Coil - Unique Parabolic EPDM Rubber Surround - Maximized Piston Area - Rated at 1000 watts RMS - 8.25-inch Mounting Depth - Proprietary Powder Coated Alloy Basket - 12-inch dual 2 Ohm (Total Nominal Impedance: 1 or 4 Ohms; both coils must be used). IDMax V3 subwoofers provide the highest level of performance, a blend of power & grace able to reproduce the subtlest details at even the lowest frequencies at extremely high output levels. With its high power handling of 1000 watts RMS, over 2-inch of linear excursion & high measured efficiency, it is truly a very high output subwoofer. Volume of displacement & efficiency are the only measures of what true output can be expected from a subwoofer. The IDMax truly delivers power levels that are attainable without modified charging systems. HIGH OUTPUT DESIGN: The IDMax is unique in its ability to maintain high efficiency & large displacement while having extremely long excursion, giving it the true ability to reach extremely high output levels. 1w/1m ground plane measurement is 93.6 dB averaged 50 Hz to 100 Hz. VERY HIGH POWER HANDLING: The large motor structure & RaDiaToR system result in very high power handling capabilities with recommended amplifier power range of 200 to 1000 watts RMS. LONG EXCURSION: Motor assembly has linear excursion with all winding still in the gap of 1.77-inch (45 mm) & linear excursion to 70% of at rest BL of 2.09-inch (53 mm). Yields a much larger volume of displacement for a given driver size for a large advantage over competitive designs. VERY LIGHT MOVING ASSEMBLY: The moving assembly including cone, surround, radiator, voice coil & former were engineered to keep mass at a minimum so that a high compliance suspension could be used. This maximizes efficiency & output over the subwoofer's entire frequency range. LARGE PISTON AREA: Unique parabolic surround profile allows for 3.50-inch (88.9 mm) peak to peak surround excursion without any reduction in cone diameter.

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