[In Stock] Automatic Plant Self Watering Tool / Device For Garden, Flower and Plant Pot. Save Time and Effort! 2 Per Pack.


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New & Instock! Automatically Self Watering Device For Your Plants. [2 Device Per Pack] This is a simple and effective method for keeping your plants watered, without your constant attention. The water is drawn from a nearby container by means of a thin hose and is diffused slowly through the ceramic cone. You can even add liquid fertilizer to it. This device is perfect for automatically watering your plants when you are on vacations. No longer would you have to rely on forgetful friends or relatives to help water your plants. ✔ Automatic watering system for potted plants ✔ Water soluble fertilizer delivery system; automatic plant fertilizer and feeder ✔ Simple and effective tools to water your plants while you are on vacation ✔ Keep your plants healthy with our just-in-time watering principle based on capillary action HOW TO USE: 1. Uncoil the tube 2. Open The Cap On Top of the Spike 3. Fill It With Water While Submerging The Spike Under Water 4. Close Cap Under Water 5. Plunge the Ceramic Spiky End into the Plant's Soil 6. Place the other end surbmerged at the bottom of a water container. Height x Wdith: 11cm x 3cm Cable Length: 75cm Stocks are limited. Message me to buy now! Tags: self watering plant plant flower automatically watering system watering system plant tool water plant plant watering vacation watering

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