IN STOCK - Elfie Love Pink IN STOCK 2.0mp Camera pocket selfie quadcopter drone


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Main Features: Altitude Hold Wifi FPV Live View Foldable Headless Mode Flips and Rolls 6 System Gyro LED Lights 2mp Camera (NOTE manufacturing claim as 2mp, but would more accurately be 1280*720) (0.3mp old black version will be as 640*480) 720p Video For the black version (2.0mp as well) or drones without camera / altitude hold, check out my other listings! For Comes with spare blades and other essentials. Tags: Drone, Quadcopter, Pocket, Nano, Micro, Mini, Small, Camera, non camera, 0.3mp, fpv, wifi, andriod, iphone, 360 Flip, RTH, return to home, black, white, blue, green, orange, gold, silver, heliway, 901, 901hs, 901s, fq777, fq951, fq951c, fq951w, headless, gyro, foldable, LED, cheerson, cheap, present, gift, tiny, jxd523, selfie, wifi, black, pink