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Phra Sivali Material: Holy powder Year: B.E. 2546 (C.E. 2003) Power: People believed that Phra Sivali could get wealth and prosperity for owner’s life. About the story of Phra Sivali: Phra Sivali is worshiped as the greatest. Fortune-fetching monk. Phra Sivali was an important disciple of Lord Buddha. The Lord as the most miraculous monk for fortune praised him. Buddhist legend says the Lord and his large group of disciple made a pilgrimage to a jungle for meditation practice. The deep jungle really caused troubles, no people offered food to Lord Buddha and all his disciple monks. How and where could they get food from? Had they anything to eat? The Lord's closest disciple was strongly worried about that. However, the Lord soothed him to not worry because Phra Sivali, who had also joined the pilgrimage group, could help bring food for everyone by his great miraculous power. That is true, all and unseen creatures in the jungle gathered to pay respect.

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