[IN STOCK] Point Deep Clean Blackhead Remover Oil Gel 60ml


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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZlIkzlSfbw Bought from Korea ★Point Deep Clean Blackhead Remover Oil Gel is an all plant ingredient pore purifting cleanser. It contains "Moringa Seed" and other plant derived ingredients to remove toxic emissions with excellent skin purification capacity. ★Your skin will be able to breathe only if you clean your skin properly ★Experience and discover the magical effects of Moringa, tree of life Now! ★Product Feature 1. Use on blackhead and excessive sebum area produced as sebum inside of pore gets oxidized. 2. With gel type formulation, soft massage without running down can be done. 3. Gel transforms into oil by temperature so that it melts sebum softly. 4. 'Moringa seed' extract that has pore purifying effect containing. 5. 'Tea tree leaf, green tea seed oil' that have serum removing effect, 'lemon oil' that inhibits sebum secretion containing. 6. Low irritating mild 5 FREE prescription. Skin irritation test completed. ★To Use 1. Apply a moderate amount of oil gel onto skin after washing face . 2. Massage to help melt. Keep massaging for 3 minutes with emphasis on areas with blackheads. 3. Rise with warm water. 4. It is more effective if pores are opened by applying a warm towel dampened with warm water before using. Point 黑头粉刺溶解凝胶 韓國美妝部落客強力推薦!! 在韩国短短1天销售量过亿支哟,很多时尚节目都介绍过,包括女人我最大都有介绍过哟!! ★能夠清除49.7%黑頭粉刺 ★添加素有淨化之樹美稱的辣木籽油,能迅速吸附帶走毛孔內外的粉塵及髒汙,深層淨化毛孔,同時柔潤肌膚,對抗毛孔老化 ★茶樹/綠茶籽油-去除多餘油脂 ★葡萄籽油-緊緻毛孔

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