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(IN STOCK) SULWHASOO DONGINBI Red Ginseng Power Repair Intense Eye Cream & Serum Set


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(Strictly no trade) Super Premium product! Sample size good for travelling use or product trial. Donginbi's Premium Root Ginseng Power Repair Eye Serum & Cream Kit, Feel the touch of miraculous red ginseng on your eyes. It contains 24K Gold applicator for your enjoyable and luxurious skincare routine. [ Red Ginseng Power Repair Intense Eye Cream] Premium red Ginseng Eye Cream makes eye areas look firm, fresh and ageless. Active ingredients from red ginseng root empowers your skin's own healing power, makes your eye area visibly firmer. This eye serum is recognized and approved by KFDA as dual functioning cosmetics - brightening and anti-aging. - Concentrated and capsulated red ginseng extracts re-structure the cellular scaffold around your eye zone, makes eye area visibly firm and smooth. - Premium balm textured formula with rich nutrients strengthens your skin's inborn power, and it gently absorbs into your eye zone. Pair with other products from the Red Ginseng Power Repair Line for better result [Red Ginseng Power Repair Intense Eye Serum] This premium eye serum keeps your eye zone visibly revitalized and firm by providing red ginseng derived active ingredients. This eye serum is recognized and approved by KFDA as dual functioning cosmetics - brightening and anti-aging. - This concentrated eye serum resolve complex skin concerns around eye zone by providing red ginseng extracted active ingredients. -It revitalizes tired and dried eye zone by deeply moisturizing it with nutritious red ginseng. It absorbs quick and leaves silky and firm texture only. [ HOW TO USE ] 1. For every morning and night, apply pearl-sized product around your eye zone using hands or applicator before your Red Ginseng Power Repair Cream. Gently massage eye areas starting from the inner corner of the eye, gradually moving onto under-eye area and lightly press the outer corner of the eyes with your fingers or applicator. For the better instruction, refer to the massage manual that is inserted in the box. 2. Before you use applicator for massage, please hold the head of the applicator with your hand and warm it for 5 sec. By doing this, you can increase absorbtion of the Red Ginseng Power Repair products. [ Delivery option ] Free normal mail


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