(In-Stock)Ultraviolet Light Sterilize With delay Timer/Auto Off


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Pre-Order available Ultraviolet Light Sterilize For home It also produce Ozone gas to kill bacteria, The Ozone gas will floating all around air in the room and every corner to kill virus and germ. Power : 15 watts. Power On delay Timer : approximate: 5 Sec. Auto Off Timer : 1/2 hrs, 1 hrs, 2 hrs. Bactericidal Sterilamp UV Sterilizer Germicidal Lamp It is a Better way to kill Bacteria. Come with delay time and Auto off feature, it will keep you away from the UV Light. It is suitable for Home, Kindergarten, School, Hospital...etcs. Just place the UV Light at center of the room and switch on the UV light for 30min. ~ 60min. You can start to sterilize your bedroom. After completed the UV sterilized, please off the UV Light and enter the room after 30~40min. So that the smell will gone. It consists of .... - 1 set Light Holder Base, - 1 piece of UV Light Tube(E27) - 1 piece Adaptor. The Advantages: Kills bacteria, viruses and yeasts within seconds Taste or smell are not affected No formation of by-products hazardous to health (e.g. no THM formed) No added chemicals Low-maintenance method and simple handling Low operating costs Highest level of operational reliability Germicidal Ultraviolet air disinfection is a highly effective way to destroy microorganisms including: virus, bacteria, and mold spores. As the air stream and surfaces are exposed to the germicidal ultraviolet light, the genetic material of the microorganism is destroyed or inactivated. This method of air purification is ideal for many applications because it is economical, safe, fast and easy with simple use and maintenance. For detail please refer to below link: https://youtu.be/Atpvt1mBCcg http://gizmodo.com/how-ultraviolet-light-will-sterilize-super-bugs-489666471 https://youtu.be/z1Pm38YzLqc https://youtu.be/oi75RWwLk9Y Ozone is exceptionally good at tackling harmful bacteria and stopping it dead. Because of ozone’s highly reactive properties, it means that it simply reacts with the bacteria and destroys it. When an ozone molecule meets a bacterial cell, it starts to break it down by making a hole in the bacterium’s cell wall. This is what holds the cell together, and without it the bacteria will begin to fall apart. This will happen countless times, ozone molecules coming into contact with the bacteria, making the same holes and rapidly eradicating the bacteria. Ozone’s nature as a gas means that it is able to filter through to any location it needs to get to. Bacteria’s favourite breeding grounds are warm, dark places that are often very difficult to reach using traditional cleaning and treatment methods. You may not even know where these crevices and hidden places are, which means you’ll have great difficulty finding sources of bacteria and stamping it out. Without ozone, you’re basically only managing the problem rather than tackling it at source, costing you time and money in the long-term. Ozone can reach the hidden places, destroy the bacteria on a more permanent basis—by eradicating it completely rather than relying on half measures, problems with odour and bacteria are much slower to re-emerge. With bacteria, the same as any microbial problem, if even a little is left alive, it will re-propagate and very quickly become as much of a problem as it was before. Think of it like pulling up weeds—unless you get the roots, the weed will be back, and sometimes in even greater numbers. Ozone can also be used to continuously manage bacteria levels in the background, whether it be a public area or in the home. Special types of generators that produce constant, low-level ozone can be used to prevent bacteria from ever growing or spreading. This type of ozone generation is useful for areas like well-used hallways or corridors where many people need access. In these instances the rooms are not easily evacuated or sealed-off to be used with a heavy duty ozone generator. Instead background generators can often be mounted on the ceiling or a wall so that they can perform their function discretely and unobtrusively.