[In stocks] (Original) Syllable D900MINI Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone Stereo Headset Handsfree Mini Earbud with Mic for Mobile Phone


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Highlights Special charge box design, provide 4-6 time charges per time.Main and subsidiary earpiece design, stereo sound effect. Light-weighted & good for sports.Good bass sound.Bluetooth 4.1 Low power consumption and better signal.  Description  Enjoy Sports Wirelessly. Double-ear wireless; Low frequency balanced; Charge function; Bluetooth4.1   D900MINI New Carried Out, Good Wireless Headset for Iphone7/7s. Last for 120 Minutes Once a Full Charge. Intelligent charging box also a carring box. High capacity lithium battery provides 4-6 time charges. See-through plastic material get know of the charge status. Charging box provides fast charge.  Adopted with True Wireless Technology. The right and left headsets sync with each other through wireless and provide stereo output sound. No more wires bound.  Main And Subsidiary Earpiece Design. Left earpiece is the main headset, right earpiece is the subsidiary headset. When they are powered on, they would sync automatically and provide stereo sound. The left earpiece could be used alone. Communication Privacy Design. When make hands-free calls, no matter if the subsidiary earpiece is powered on, the subsidiary earpiece will not transfer voice signal. You communication privacy will be ensured.   Headset is more designated for young people, so the bass and middle sounds have been better turned. With the strong bass, present you personal concert feast. The headset is good in pop and percussion music.  Multi-functional Button, Achieved By One Click. Get rid of the old-fashioned buttons, openrate more friendly. One click to listen to music, make phone calls etc.   Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, Better Sound Quality. Lower power consumption; Better signal; Better compatibility. Compact And Light-weighted. Each earpiece weights no more than 5 grams, and with a maximum diameter of size of a coin.  Details Make Excellence Environmental-friendly silicone earbuds, Dust-prof filter design, Gold plated contact. Strong Compatibility Disregard of the brands, systems, compatible with devices as long as they are bluetooth enabled.