Indoor E2 LED Light Assembly Set for Growing Vegetable/Herbs/Plant/etc. (Picture 3)


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Indoor E2 LED Light Assembly Set - specially selecte the LED light requirement to grow Vegetables/Herbs/Plant/etc. as shown in picture 3 at $35 All our vegetables and herbs shown in all our listing are grown indoor with the E2 LED Light. This is an assembly set with safety consideration in mind. The set consist of + energy efficient LED White Day Light 6500K FULL SPECTRUM + protective safety & heat shield cover + power insulated cables (1.8m plug to lamp) instead of DC wire + DOUBLE thermal seal insulation tube (each live & neutral plus 1 overall seal) + secured crimping joint-connectors + PVC coated holding brackets + Insulated flexible trunking + Black cable tie neatly secure the cable to the light arm that are readily to be plug-and-grow your vegetables, herbs, plant, cactus, etc. for indoor use ONLY. The offer set is as per shown in Picture 3. The main reason for using ONLY FULL SPECTRUM white day light instead of the 2 boosted/concentrated extreme-coloured grow light spectrum - 400nm to 520nm UltraViolet Blue & 610nm to 720nm InFraRed Red spectrum, no doubt being the BEST for plant growth yet have relatively much higher risks of damage to human eyesight with accumulated prolonged exposure (since we will look at our plant growth periodically if not daily) as well as skin health concern (UV exposure). Source: Review of Optometry RESEARCH ON BLUE-VIOLET LIGHT.....'the specific band of blue light most harmful to the retina and to the Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) cells was identified to be at 415 nm to 455 light is going to accumulate over time and has the potential to cause damage to the retinal cells, which is going to slowly lead to retinal cell death and can in turn lead to Age-related Muscular Degeneration (AMD).' Chat to buy & self-collection at Postal code 542216. Note: Collection to be arranged ONLY upon payment/deposit made via bank transfered. #LED #Light #Hydroponic #Plant #Garden