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Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Treatment (Style Styling Conditioner Shampoo)


1 year ago by stylebutler








*Lowest priced on Shopee *Not available in SG, SG only has the conditioner version *Better price than in Korea due to crew prices & knowing the store managers Condition: - 100% brand new & sealed - 100% authentic - Fresh & direct from Korea - Personally brought back (hygienic+ no wait time) - Always freshly stocked as am using it too! - Well-kept in ziplock bags, ziplock in air-tight containers, and containers in drawers; away from heat & sun (am OCD in the storage of cosmetics) What it is: Jeju camellia salon-grade treatment for soft, silky smooth, and shiny hair. Why buy it: 1. 7 kinds of natural oils for smooth hair. - The 7 kinds of natural oils, including Jeju camellia oil, help keep nutrients locked in hair and coat hair to leave it silky smooth. 2. Contains natural protein for strong hair. - Wheat protein nourishes weak hair that lacks elasticity to make it healthier and stronger. 3. Keeps hair smooth without leaving a sticky feeling. - Thick, cushiony texture spreads smoothly through the hair to hydrate each strand of hair with moisture. 4. 6 free-system: (A) Paraben free (B) Talc free (C) Artificial colors free (D) Animal ingredients free (E) Mineral oil free (F) Artificial fragrance free Love that Camellia Oil from Jeju Island is great for nourishing hair and gives it well-need nutrients. Besides restoring hair's natural health and shine, it helps prevents split ends, tangles, and snarls so often seen in today's environment as it keeps the hair silky-smooth and shiny. Despite working in a harsh environment for hair, many have often commented on how healthy my hair is due to this! Also well-raved by Koreans; and beauty bloggers+ celebrities both internationally and in Korea. Totally fell in love with it after my Korean friends recommended it! Some great reviews: 1. "Love it! This product is amazing! It leaves my hair super soft and shiny. I ordered more today! The scent is refreshing and clean." - Geraldine 2. "The best hair treatment. I have damaged hair from dyeing and this is the only treatment that manages to soften them! I have tried many masks and most of them make my hair very oily, dull and heavy the next day. This keeps a nice balance between softening my hair and keeping them soft and easy to brush. 
Only a little product is needed, it applies really well.
I also love the smell. I make sure I always have a tube of this stocked, so that I don't run out. Essential! *Note that this is not available in SG and SG only has camellia conditioner, no treatment. And the conditioner only (which has lesser effects), is already more expensive in stores. Do grab this useful and awesome product at a great bargain now (: #innisfree #hair #treatment #hairtreatment #camellia #natural #oils #moisturizing #hydrating #soft #silky #style #styling #korea #korean #beauty #haircare #scalp

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