Innisfree Green Tea Mask Masks Sheet Hydrate Brighten Radiant Firm Moisturize


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Retails $2 each! Lowest price on Shopee (: *A carouseller has shared that there're fake innisfree masks (see pic 4 from Pls do not use fakes on your face! This is personally bought from Korea's Innisfree stores; rest assured this is authentic.* Condition: - 100% brand new - 100% authentic - Fresh from Korea - Personally brought back (hygienic+ no wait-time) - Well-kept in air-tight containers away from heat & sun The best-selling & most popular ones which I use too: - Pic 1: Green Tea (soothing, brightening, anti-oxidants) - Pic 2: Kiwi (whitening, brightening, moisturizing) What it is: Sheet mask which helps to clear & brighten while moisturizing & hydrating skin; keeping skin healthy & radiant. Why buy it: 1. Natural ingredients Natural ingredients that are great for skin help to clear & brighten while moisturizing & hydrating your skin 2. Jeju green complex Jeju green complex consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, & orchids to keep your skin naturally healthy & radiant. 3. Triple-layered sheet Long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin. Love the scents of these masks! And the brimming essence leaves skin looking really supple & radiant, no matter how little I've slept! Rave reviews are everywhere both online & offline- in magazines, social media, beauty blogs, etc. Some great reviews: 1. "I've always had pore problems & very combination skin, but I made the effort to spend 4 nights using one of these... the difference it made has shaken my world. I have never had such a result in my life. I have oily skin around my T-zone, extremely dry skin on my cheeks, large pores around my nose & inner cheek, rough & dull skin around my nose. If you have the same, I will let you know now that you have come to the right place." - Marni 2. "This mask, blew my mind. What is this magic? I've used dozens of high end brands & this mask in particular, hands down gave me the most dramatic results. I have a tendency to pick at blemishes & in the process.. I break the skin barrier. This mask rewound time & my skin came out looking even healthier than before. So radiant, so incredibly firming & calming. So worth every penny. (I buy them by the 20s!)." - Jordon 3. "This mask is amazing, first of all. It smells divine (seriously, Innisfree. Make a body wash out of that or something.) The mask delivers such intense hydration without making my skin oily. It's very relaxing to wear it due to the fact it's very cooling. I've already bought more, & I'm just waiting for them to come back in stock to buy them again." - Rebecca #innisfree #sheetmask #moisturizing #korea #korean #koreabeauty #koreanbeauty #beauty #skincare #cosmetic #cosmetics #mask #masks #antiaging #hydrating #moisturizing #summer40 #antioxidant