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Instant Height Increase Silicone Adjustable Insole 5 Layer - $9.90 Instock and ready to mail out same day / day after payment is received! :) Grow taller instantly ! Increase height instantly by up to approximately 3cm! Unisex 5 layer adjustable Height increase silicone gel inserts 5 layers per foot, so 10 layers in total. The individual layers snap together to add up to 3 extra centimetres to your height while improving your posture and reducing heel shock. Perfect for both men and women. Fits any style shoe. Other rigged lifts are uncomfortable and can easily slip out of your shoe. But our ortho-gel material molds to your foot and your heel to create vacuum action to ensure that your heel will always stay in your shoe. 1.Adjustable layer system so that you can adjust the thickness to your desired height increase 2.Self-adhesive and immovable don't fall off easy 3.Reduces knees and back pressure when walking 4.Enhance blood circulation, reduce muscular aches and pains, shock-absorbing 5.Designed to fit shoes of all sizes, fit any kinds of shoes for women and men, even high heels! 6.Can be handwashed and left to dry naturally. 7. Reusable over long term!

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Free self collection anytime from: Block 360 Tampines street 34 #04-423 Singapore 520360 Or can be arranged at this location too: Belmond Green 15 Balmoral Road Singapore 266314

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1) Singpost Normal Mail + $1 * Delivery anytime between 2 - 5 working days * Postman will deliver to your Letterbox * No Tracking * Photo & Video Mailing Proof provided by us, so that you do not have to worry about lost mail! 2) Singpost SmartPac Courier Delivery + $4 * Delivery usually by next working day / maximum within 2 - 3 working days * Postman will deliver to your Doorstep, but if no one is home, not to worry, he will lock the parcel in your Letterbox, and you may retrieve it anytime when you get home! * Tracking is available 3) Qxpress Doorstep Delivery +$5: * Courier guy will deliver to your doorstep * Not able to choose preferred timing * 3-5 working days 4) Express Courier Doorstep Delivery: * Courier guy will deliver to your doorstep * Able to choose preferred timing * Suitable for urgent orders / deliveries Next-Day Delivery: $7 Same Day Delivery: $9