INSTOCK 1000 piece plastic sealable adhesive packaging plastics


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good quality self-adhesive perfect for blogshops to sell earrings/bracelet/necklace/card/keychain/charm/any small thing or just for u to keep ur stuff! can use to put macaron or pack small handmade sweets squishies as well anything u like lomo photo card money sticker wire earpiece very convenient just peel and seal, resealable as well 900+ pieces instock selling as i bought wrong size i actually thought its a4 size idk wats wrong w me🙃 so selling at a loss... 9*6*2 cm CHEAPEST IN CAROUSELL GURRANTEED min purchase 10 pieces 10 piece $0.90 20 piece $1.60 30 piece $2.10 50 piece $3 100 pieces $5 200 pieces $8.50 400 pieces $15 all 900+ pieces $24 one bundle pls dont expect me to go n count fast deal xfer within 8h or meet within 3 day 900+ pieces for just $20 dead crazy price $0.02 each only purchase tgt with ANY other item $18 for 900+ pieces CANNOT FIND THIS PRICE ANYWHERE ELSE mailing +$ depends on weight tags supply supplier kraft craft plastic packaging seal sealed adhesive transparent gift kids present resell bulk reseller earring photocard lomo