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📌INSTOCK 📌Whatsapp 94575893 for all enquires and purchases! 📌Measurements: 38cm(H) x 27cm(W) x 13cm(D) 📌100% Authentic Fjallraven Kanken 📌Fixed Price 📌Self collect at Yew Tee, Normal mail +$5 or Registered mail +$7 ⭐️Spotting an Authentic Kanken Bag⭐️ 1) An authentic kanken is water resistant made from durable and light weight Vinylon F. The material shouldn't look silky and shiny and instead it should be matted. 2) The front kanken logo should serve as a reflector during night (flash a light at the logo and you will know). Some batches comes with white background, some off-white. 3) The outer rim of the fox engrave button should be darkened bronze and not bright bronze. The back of the button should have a WASA6 logo. 4) The side of the zips should have YKK printed on it (it's a zipper supplier) and the fjallraven prints. The front zipper should also have 5CN prints. 5) The straps of the bag should have a H-shaped stitching. 6) There are 2 types of tags. Old tags comes with yellow and brown tags while the new batches comes with brown tags only. Barcode stickers should also be attached on the tags. Do follow us for new Herschel and Kanken product releases as well as giveaway events!