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Brand New Japanese Style Multi-purpose Notebook Available Qty: 2 each Available designs(in order from pic) 1) Red Volcano 2) Green Fans 3) Blue Clouds 4) Fashion People 5) Hello World Comes with 3 book inserts (2-4) [third pic clockwise] 1) Closeable pocket 2) Scheduler (weekly planner w/dates, pages for remarks) 3) Checked 4) Single Lines 5) Slot Pocket Super handy all in one notebook. You just have to bring one for all its purposes instead of 3 separate note book. Say you have a 3 different classes for a day, You can just bring one notebook to jot your notes instead of one for each. Compact, stylish and convenient is the way to go. Ctb if int. Mailing available Nm $1.50 Rm $4.50 Meetup at bishan

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