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[INSTOCK] - Lovera Magic Jelly Enhanced, Lovera cleanser, BB Jelly, Baby Jelly, Diamont Scrub, MJ Original (BATCH 8)


1 year ago by nur.faddylaa






Hello everyone! I'm selling the Lovera Magic Jelly & Lover Complete Cleanser. I'm one of the user itself, i do have open pores, my pimple can be as bad as it leaves me a mark on my face. I've tried it for 4 months plus, no doubt its good and plus its good for eczema and sensitive skin, rashes, for babies too. 🌸MAGIC JELLY ENHANCED 🌸 ✨Multi purpose Aloe Vera gel (For beauty & health) uses as/for : Pimples, oily face, scars, blackhead, dry/chapped lips, serum for long and healthy eye lashes, moisturiser, dull skin, glowing skin, dandruff, hair loss, wounds, insect bites, burns from hot oil/water, sunburns, dry skin, eczema, sensitive skin, milk/nappy rashes and many more! 🌸LOVERA COMPLETE CLEANSER🌸 5-in-1 Facial Wash ✨Benefits of LCC 1. Clean clogged pores due to dust and excessive oil 2. Kill acne bacteria and reduce swelling 3. Eliminate dull skin and changing it to a new skin glowing 4. Moisturizes the skin from within 5. Slows the aging process of the skin and protects skin from free radicals 🌸WHAT IS BB JELLY?🌸 ✨BB jelly is the same like BB CREAM the only difference is that it is in GEL form which is light weight, cooling and absorb faster compare to creams. 🔅9 BENEFITS OF BB JELLY 1. INSTANTLY BRIGHTENS 2. COVER IMPERFECTIONS 3. TREAT ACNE 4. PROTECT SKIN (SPF) 5. MINIMIZE PORES 6. ENHANCE SKIN APPEARANCE 7. EVEN SKIN TONES. 8. HYDRATES DRY SKIN 9. SMOOTHEN SKIN TEXTURE 🔅WHY CHOOSE BB JELLY? ITS NOT STICKY, EASY REMOVE, INSTANT GLOWING AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS (VITAMIN B, ALOE VERA) *<<HARI RAYA PROMOTION>>* *MAGIC JELLY ORIGINAL* 1️⃣$27.90 2️⃣FOR $55 +FREE GIFT! *MAGIC JELLY ENHANCED* 1️⃣$27.90 2️⃣FOR $55 +FREE GIFT! *MAGIC JELLY FOR BABY (MJBABY)* 1️⃣$29 2️⃣FOR $50! +FREE FOLDABLE BASKET! ▶️$27.90 *(WITH PURCHASE OF ANY LOVERA PRODUCT)* *LOVERA COMPLETE CLEANSER* 1️⃣$19.90 2️⃣FOR $39! +FREE GIFT! *LOVERA DAY CREAM* 1️⃣$23 ▶️$15each *(WITH PURCHASE OF ANY LOVERA PRODUCT)* BB JELLY 1️⃣$19 DIAMONT BODY SCRUB 1️⃣$29.90 (200GRM) >>*SET PROMOTIONS*<< *GLOWING RAYA SET* ▶️ENHANCED MAGIC JELLY. ▶️LOVERA COMPLETE CLEANSER. ❇️FREE BB JELLY SAMPLE or GAHARU BAR SOAP. $47.00 ONLY *MOM & BEBE SET* ▶️ENHANCED MAGIC JELLY. ▶️MAGIC JELLY FOR BABY ❇️FREE FOLDABLE BASKET $53.00 ONLY *ESSENTIAL RAYA SET* ▶️ENHANCED MAGIC JELLY. ▶️LOVERA COMPLETE CLEANSER. ▶️LOVERA DAY CREAM or BB JELLY. ❇️FREE BB JELLY SAMPLE & GAHARU BAR SOAP. $63.00 ONLY *FAMILY RAYA SET* ▶️ENHANCED MAGIC JELLY. ▶️MAGIC JELLY MEN ▶️MAGIC JELLY FOR BABY ❇️FREE FOLDABLE BASKET & GAHARU BAR SOAP or BB JELLY SAMPLE. $75.00 ONLY *RAYA EDITION COMPLETE SET* ▶️ENHANCED MAGIC JELLY. ▶️LOVERA COMPLETE CLEANSER. ▶️DIAMONT BODY SCRUB (200grm). ▶️BB JELLY or LOVERA DAY CREAM. ❇️FREE BB JELLY SAMPLE, GAHARU BAR SOAP & LOVERA COMPLETE CLEANSER SAMPLE. $93.00 ONLY To know more you may inbox me or alternatively whatsapp me at 9223 9503. 💋 [Authorised agent ID: MJSG 004-888]

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Jurong East MRT Interchange (NS1/EW24)

1. Self collection @ Blk 32 Teban Garden road 2. Meet up @ Jurong East mrt on weekdays & Clementi mrt on weekends DEPENDS ON SITUATION ONLY 🤓AT MY CONVENIENCE🤓 To meet at other MRT location which isn't far from my station ONLY IF im on the same route, do Pm me. Most important you are willing to meet me at the above mentioned (no. 1-2) collection place.


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