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Magenetic False Eye Lash: 👸🏼Achieve voluminous eyelashes without the need to apply glue or stick them on! 👸🏼Does not need makeup remover to remove falsies! 👸🏼Do not need to tug on your precious eyelashes to remove false eyelashes! 👸🏼No more plucking of dried glue off your eyelids! (Ouch!) 👸🏼Long and natural eye lashes with natural fibres 👸🏼Get ready in a click (!) of your magnetic False eyelashes 👸🏼Reusable - Up to 20 times! One box has 1 pair of magnetic False eyelash. (4pc: Upper magnetic lash and Lower magnetic lash for each eye) Comes with good quality box with magnetic strips to keep your lashes! Super handy to bring out as well! Review here: Or you could YouTube for more magnetic False eyelash reviews! Many popular beauty bloggers are reviewing this new type of false eyelash! Original One Two Lash costs US70! 😱 Get your magnetic falsies here at a steal! PM me for discounts for bulk purchases!

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