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LAI LAI LAI!! PROMOTION MEERACLE 'LICIOUS SET $42.90!😱😱😱 Actual price: $49.90 💜Meeracle Gemstone Serum💜 Safe for children & babies, eczema, and for all genders. 100% natural product 5 in 1 Scar treatment, skin repair, makeup primer, sunblock, mosturizer 🍒natural glowing & flawless 🍒improved skin tone 🍒smoother and brightens skin 🍒fewer wrinkles 🍒anti-aging 🍒pigmentation 🍒skin brightening 🍒suitable for sensitive skin 🍒remove acne scars 🍒remove white/blackheads 🍒oily skin 🍒open pores 🍒help prevent or lighten freckles 🍒melasma 🍒darkspots and age sports 🍒soft textures 🍒firming and sharpness face 💎 Brighten and whiten our skin 💎 Rejuvenate the skin (looking younger & youthful) 💎 Overcome dull skin with pigmentation 💎 Repair severe acne scars and smallpox 💎 Helps the formation of new collagen into the layer of our skin 💎 Shrinking all pores of our skin 💎 To prevent formation of acne Ala Cart👇 Meeracle Serum $29.90 Meeracle Cleanser $17.90 Normal Mail $1.50 A.M Mail $3.50 Smartpac Registered $4 Delivery $6 #bestserumintheworld #antiaging #youthfulskin #skinbrightness #radiantskin #smoothskin #meeraclestokistsingapore 🤑🤑🤑 #teamsingaporehappymeeraclev❤❤❤ #teammeeraclescha💃💃💃 #luaskankuasameeracle💰💰💰 #meeraclegemstonebeauty #meeracleneverletyoudown