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INSTOCK PERIPERA Peri's Ink Oh My! / Peripera's Peris Ink - 04 Pit-a-Pat Feel the impact of a Lip stick's vivid Color yet experience Long lasting wear with Peripera's Peri's ink! Hyper-saturated color and vivid color helps lips to appear shiny yet sheer at the same time! Light weight yet works as well as a tattoo! Doesn't stain or fade easily! Not even on paper cups! Available in: (please note translated name & name on box differs thus we have stated both below.) 01 - A Skill of God / It Lips 02 - Catch Eyes / Get The Eye 03 - No way 04 - Pit-a-pat / Oh My! 05 - Spoiler Alert / No Spoiler TEAM JESSILOGY's REVIEWS: We know PERIPERA is a well loved brand by many, especially the quality yet cute products they offer. The peris ink and PERIPERA tint is very similar, and are direct contestants, but the water tint would give off a less vivid Color when applied. In fact the Peri's ink is meant to combat that concern as some of us prefer the Color to be bright and easily seen. While for Peri's tint water, it would be harder to build on the shade to achieve a bright red but would certainly gives off a more natural feel! Both of the above mentioned product, can be applied in multiple ways. On lips or even cheeks! READY STOCK IN SINGAPORE Goods are purchased directly from PERIPERA counters in Korea and is 101% Authentic. We do not tolerate fakes. STRICTLY POSTAGE ONLY NORMAL POSTAGE CHARGES: 1 item - $1 2-3 items - $1.50 onward NO NEGOTIATION NO TRADES NO MEET UPS FAQ / T&C 1) Are Jessilogy's products authentic? We are a registered company with ACRA and will definitely not bring in fake goods. We take pride in providing only quality products and ensure that we only bring in goods directly from the brands itself. 2) Do you do meet ups? Self collection? STRICTLY POSTAGE ONLY No exceptions. 3) What if my parcel goes missing / gets damaged when I receive it? Please note that ALL items are checked and bubble wrapped before mailing, should item be damaged during postage delivery, we cannot be held responsible for it as we have provided additional packaging out of good will. 4) Discounts? Negotiation? No. All prices are strictly NOT NEGOTIABLE and FIXED. 5) Additional pic? Actual pic of item? All our goods are directly dispatched from the Jessilogy warehouse. We, the Carousell team do NOT access the goods nor dispatch it. Our pictures are provided by suppliers or online sources, usually direct from the brands itself. This way, NO MISREPRESENTATION of the item will occur. We STRICTLY do not provide any further pictures, which can be easily gotten from google if available. 6) When can i get my item? When will you send parcel? Please note that as stated, once payment is made, all parcels are sent within 24 hours. Even on weekends, except registered mail which requires over the counter service. We do not know when will your parcel be delivered, unless registered or urgent mail like AM Mail is purchased where delivery schedule is usually fixed. Please understand that all parcels are delivered by SingPost & not us. Especially normal mail, it depends solely on SingPost, not us. We have no control. Delivery schedule/details: 7) Please provide video of mailing or picture of parcel. Even though it is clearly stated on our shop profile, there are still countless request for it. Unfortunately, all our parcels are mailed directly from our warehouse team which handles packing and dispatch after order is placed and payment verified. In order to ensure all orders are sent within 24 hours, we will not be able to accept request for parcel pic / video as this would cause a delay in dispatch and affect other customer's orders. 8) Expiry dates Please note that USA's regulation states that their brands are not required to print any manufacturing or expiry date on their product, thus we do not keep products longer than recommended. As a fast moving goods provider, we dedicate ourselves to ensure that all products we sell are fresh and brand new in packaging, thus customers can buy with no worries.

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Postage charges Normal mail From $1 onwards Registered mail $3.50 Smartpac up to 1kg $4 AM Mail - Urgent next working day mail $3