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BLACK/WHITEHEADS STRIP REMOVER! Applicable for people with: · Facial skin aging, fine lines and blemishes · Oily skin strawberry nose · Nose large pores blackheads · Daily sit the computer in front of computer radiation Instructions on how to use: - Apply on a dry and cleansed face (For dry skin type, recommended to apply moisturizing lotion/toner before the mask). - Take appropriate amount and spread evenly across the whole face or specific area of concern (avoiding eyes, lips, eyebrows area). - Wait for 15 to 30 minutes until the mask is completely dry. - You can start peel off the mask gently from the bottom slowly. - Follow by your daily skincare regime. Selling cheaper than most sellers out there! WE ARE NOW HAVING PROMO SALES! Buy 20 pcs @ ONLY $13 Buy 30 pcs @ ONLY $21 Buy 40 pcs @ ONLY $29 Buy 50 pcs @ ONLY $38 Meet up available at various locations. Postage fee included.

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