[Instock] PVC 8.5cm Pole upgraded Premium Natural Pine Wood Cat Climber / Cat House / Cat Tree wooden Cat tower wooden cat condos Cat Gym


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Condition: New Even though technology had contribute alternatives on cat furniture, But wooden cat furniture always makes the most favorite choice for all buyers! It is not without reasons , let us share more with you ! Gorgeous Natural Look Wood has beautiful pattern and lines. They are beautiful in nature. Don't you agree with us ? Resilient and Strong Woods are naturally strong. Even when they meet your plus size and super active fur-baby they won't disappoint you. They are durable and reliable at all time ! Easy to Clean They are easier to maintain as compare to cat tree made of other materials. No washing required , a simple wipe will keep it clean and shining. It makes your daily chore simple and easy ! Worthy Investment Yes , they are more costly, however, it will make long lasting and smart investment. You get the beauty, quality, and comfort all at once. Eco Friendly The material is not damaging the environment like plastic. They are environmental friendly Good News to Buyer : As the wooden cat tree is very durable and lasting. the usual wear out part is the scratching pole. DDhouse wooden Cat Tree is of premium quality. Our sisal rope scratching poles are PVC tube instead of cardboard type. and we our Pole size diameter is extra thickness of 8.5 cm thick for better stabilty and more durable Beside that. in the future. when your pole broken. you dont have to throw away the whole cat tree. just contact us. we will sent replacement poles to you at cost price :) So when you want to buy for a cat tree that is slightly cheaper but of bad quality which broke in few months.. or invest in a really good quality cat condo and worry free for years ? please feel free to visit our warehouse office at Ubi centre to see the quality of the product. for viewing . please make appointment at 98899957 Diamension : 40x 60x150cm sisial Rope Pole : PVC 8.5 cm diameter Self collect at Sengkang or Ubi Centre or Delivery at $10 more quality products at www.ddhouse.com.sg

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