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1) thermo active slimming ampoule (hot) 10mlx10 - $29.90 *Trial pack - 10mlx5 @ $15 2) local normal post included for 1 full box. ■ They works the same, just different colour ■Thermo active/body shaping ampoule functions: specially formulated slimming ingredients to breakdown unsightly fatty deposits. Unlike normal slimming gel and cream that acts on skin surface, slimming ampoule penetrates deep into the skin to burn excessive and stubborn fats. Give your body a thermo heating effect. Activate intercellular metabolism encourages microcirculation. Improves the drainage of body toxins and excess water retention. The combination of all its active ingredients makes this product work from all angles to ensure that the fat cells are effectively remove from the body, it provides very good penetration for better, long lasting result, regular usage helps achieve the slimming effect without aggravating your skin. ■Usage: Apply the product on targeted areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs, knees and arms. Pat or massage firmly until the product fully absorbed. ■ Caution for hot ampoule: The redness and warmness may appear on the applied skin areas, it's normal and will eventually go off within minutes. It also can be reduced by applying the body trimming product or rinse off with plenty of cool water. Avoid contact with eyes, face and any other body sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children. ¤ Postage only, local normal postage included for 1 box, local normal post $1.50, local registered post add $2.50 ¤ Or self collect at peoples park centre from 11am-7pm daily, no other location ¤ Pls do not waste my time if u r not keen, tks #thermo #active #ampoule #slimming #trimming #firming #burnfats #diet #weightloss

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