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Used iem but in mint condition. HMU to check on price. Still with warranty till Dec18. 2 years Warranty. Shell is MTO. Smoky shell and transparent faceplate. Looks stunning. Retailing at MS for $959. Decent savings with 0 waiting time. Comes with: Hard case with "a.m" imprinted Stock cable (ear guides have been removed) Generic silicon tips G1 module Not urgently wanting to sell. So only decent offers are considered. Will consider trades for MDR 1000x with top up. Tag: iem weston ciem shure empire ee jerry ak a&k astell ue ultimate um unique audio technica ath se215 fiio ibass cayin ve venture ve vision lime ather effect pw peter wong spiral nocturnal aaw acoustic spiralears sennheiser panasonic earsonics asg fender aurisonics rockets tdk jvc sansa flc earwerkz sony skullcandy rha 64audio 1964ears etymotic fitear noble duke flareaudio rha pw effect dhc twg toxic