Interior Leather Replacement For Cars!!


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Hi all! Having problems with your car seat,arm rest or steering? Seeing Cracks,Thorn or even worst? Only real leather last longer.. Types of leather "Alcantara" is a covering microfibre material manufactured and marketed by Alcantara S.p.A. It is primarily used in the design, fashion, accessories, automotive and marine industries. "Nappa leather" is the general term for particularly soft, chrome tanned smooth leather of all animal skin types and fields of use. A distinction is made between natural, slightly pigmented, pigmented and sanded leather.Natural nappa leather is also known as aniline leather. It is open-pored and imbued with aniline colourants. Providing.. -Gear knob leather -Steering leather -Full Car leather -Arm rest leather -Door side panel Tailoring & customise with various colours For all made and model of your precious car. Honda, toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ferrari Lamborghini and many more Sent in group of 5 cars from fabric to leather for bulk package For enquaries, sent the details as such to -91841457- Name Car model Leather type Plate no. Digit only Damage parts pic to replace Will ensure a best quote for you, downtime 2-3days express tailoring 1-2 days with additional charges.