International Universal Travel Power Adaptor Plug ⭐️ Compatible In More Than 150 Countries ⭐️ Simple Slide-Out Plugs ⭐️ Compact Intergrated Design ⭐️


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For sale is one international universal travel power plug adaptor. Never been use. Allows you to power a variety of smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS devices, laptops, mobile chargers, and more in almost any country worldwide. FEATURES: 👍🏻 All-in-one unit with build-in plug adapters for use in more than 150 countries, ensuring that you'll always have the plug you need & never need another. 👍🏻 Each plug is built in to the adapter, so you won't have to worry about losing any pieces & always have the plug you need. 👍🏻 Simple to use - just choose the appropriate plug with the push of a button. 👍🏻 Compact, self-contained unit eliminates the tangle of regular adapters for exceptional ease-of-use. 👍🏻 Safety release button and built-in fuse ensure safe operation every time. 👍🏻 Low-Profile Design - makes it very easy to pack, and since the all the prongs retract back into the adapter, there’s no chance of leaving loose pieces behind. ‼️ For Device Type: Battery Chargers; Powerbanks; Cell/Mobile Phones; Consumer Electronics 2.5A; Laptops; Small Electronics; Adapter/Charger Type: Plug Adapter; Power Source(s): AC Wall Outlet; Voltage: 110V. ‼️ Does not support grounded 3-prong U.S. plugs or high wattage accessories like hair dryers and irons. Bought it new. It has not been use before. I bought it for one of my overseas assignments. But when I arrived I realized that I do not need it as the power socket in that country is similar to Singapore. 😡 Will ignore low ballers 🚇FREE to meet up at any MRT Station, at a mutually convenient time⌚️ ❗️️❗️All items sold in as-is condition without warranty. Items sold are not returnable and not exchangeable. 😃 For many more items on great offers, please visit 🙏🏻Thank you for visiting & happy shopping🙏🏻 TAGS Lifetrons, Skross, Mobilegear

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