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Invest In Imperial Apple Myanmar Jadeite. Value Holds And Proven Increase Through Years 缅甸翡翠玉


10 months ago by chongsgems








Many Cheap Myanmar Jadeite Around these days.. value will not increase due to over supply of poorer and average quality.......Top Quality Value Price Is Rare because traders and amateurs desire to earn a lot for each. Many are emotional attached unwilling to let go at small profit. Please my bio. Uncle has deal with authentic Myanmar Jade for closed to 50 years. I have seen, traded thousands of pieces. It is business as usual hence my prices are better than wholesale. Invest in a best Myanmar Jadeite! Item : Burmese Myanmar Jadeite Pendent. Very nice green. 翡翠, 好好的翡翠青。 Highlights : Top quality Burmese Myanmar Jadeite translucent and imperial greeb (Please read my listing sharing knowledge on jade and what is "A,B and C" and watchful for fakes and color injection jade which is worthless!) I only deal in grade A -all natural stones and color ; because genuine dealers know that anything that has colors injected is NOT natural and will fade over time , many millions of money is known to be' lost' in the history of jade by traders with no integrity ! Price inclusive registered postage in SIN at Singpost *************************************** Questions welcome with mutual online respect please. Deposit require via bank transfer . Pls enquire for other payment methods. *************************************** I am Uncle Chong. I have collected and traded authentic jewelry for 45 years now. Started in Hong Kong and I came to Singapore permanently in 1977. I had retail shops in Lucky Plaza , South Bridge Road , World Trade Center . I am semi retired now however I continue to to collect and trade ,sourcing from my reliable sources in Asia . My cost is low as my I do not have a high rental to pay landlords -which you will end up paying! I started selling to US last year and now I will begin to list here daily ! Follow me to see some of the best treasures aAuthenticate Jade does not fade over time Its color will continue to charm for decades to come. Tag : Chinese jade, Burmese jade, Authentic jade , genuine jade ,grade A jade, precious stones. Jade at wholesale price , trendy jade , leather necklace , semi precious stones , Diamonds, Asian antiques ,jade beads Burmese jade engraved Myanmar Jadeite

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