Investment. *$4600-缅甸翡翠雕鳯凰纹方牌 Investors Look In.authentic Burmese Jade Engraved phoenix With Singapore Certificate


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Investment. *$4600-缅甸翡翠雕鳯凰纹方牌 Investors Look In.authentic Burmese Jade Engraved phoenix With Singapore Certificate 缅甸翡翠雕鳯凰纹方牌 A beautiful Burmese Jade , big areas of green all across front and back makes his piece very collectible . this is my wholesale price to auction houses. Engraved : Phoenix symbolizes elegance , grace, influential , queenship. Retail: $4600 do check out retail shops you will understand the retail value My price : $2280 Estimated measurement : 60 X 35 X 4 mm Kindly enquire on installments and also look into the individual listing . These are my old stocks so you are getting a very good price from 90s * (if you have read my bio, I sell wholesale price to retailers and auction houses now. You are paying wholesale here at Carousell ) I only deal in grade A -all natural Jade stones and color ; because genuine dealers know that anything that has colors injected is NOT natural and will fade over time , many millions of money is known to be' lost' in the history of jade by traders with no integrity ! Price inclusive Standard postage in SIN at Singpost or meet up ******************************* Questions welcome with mutual online respect please. Deposit require via bank transfer . Pls enquire for other payment methods. ******************************** I am Uncle Chong. I have collected and traded authentic jewelry for 45 years now. Started in Hong Kong and I came to Singapore permanently in 1977. I had retail shops in Lucky Plaza , South Bridge Road , World Trade Center . I am semi retired now however I continue to to collect and trade ,sourcing from my reliable sources in Asia . My cost is low as my I do not have a high rental to pay landlords -which you will end up paying! I started selling to US last year and now I will begin to list here daily ! Follow me to see some of the best treasures at a fraction of retail prices ! Authenticate Jade does not fade over time Its color will continue to charm for decades to come. Tag : Chinese jade, Burmese Myanmar jade, Authentic jade , genuine jade ,grade A jade, precious stones. Jade at wholesale price , trendy jade , leather necklace , semi precious stones , Diamonds, Asian antiques ,jade beads Phoenix

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