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This is a refurb iPod classic video 30gb 5th generation version. Legendary sound with wolfson audio chip. This ipod has been re-shelled with refurb shells for aesthetics, will show some light scratches as shown in the pictures. A new battery was also installed that last 7 hours continuously. 100% functional, iPod will be erased of any content and loaded with the latest iPod software before delivery. Package includes - new battery (very impt, most sellers don't include as it cost $45 to change at sim lim) - new center click wheel and button - refurb front and back cover - new screen protector applied - free pouch and third party data cable There will be some fine scratches but its not obvious, it's one of the best condition on carousell. Over 1000 songs loaded, 80s 90s and jazz to test the hard drive. Notes on usage: - iTunes must be used for music transfer to the iPod - This ipod can only be formatted using the restore option in iTunes, please do not select windows formatting. It will mess up the file system. *First come first serve. I refurb iPod classics, see my feedback and past sales. Seller warranty for 7 days. Buyer negligence and abuse not covered. Seller Supports iTunes. Meet at Buona Vista mrt level 1 outside Cheers convenience store or Dover Crescent if you drive. For more iPod classic info, check out: Tags: Onkyo Sony Audio Technica Fiio Cowon Technics Shure Sennheiser Beyerdynamics iPod Westone AKG A&K Ibasso SE535 SE215 SE315 SE425 UE UE900 DAP DAC Portable Amp Interconnect Copper Cable Custom IEM CIEM Earphone Earpiece Headphone Headset Sennheiser Klipsch Marshall Pelican Havi B3 Pro I II Vsonic GR07 AN16 VSD3 VSD3S GR06 V-Sonic aJays a-Jays Stock Cable Stockcable Whiplash Moxpad Oyaide Hippo Creative Soundblas UE Ultimate Ears iPhone Shanling Cayin krell mrspeakers ether hifiman oppo opus spinfit, eartips, audiophile, westone, w40, w20, umpro, ampro, RCA interconnect, Yamaha, amplifier, subwoofer, music, mission, bose, Pmc, denon, marantz, onkyo, definitive technology, arcam, rega, rotel, Nile, KEL, totem, THIEL, phase technology, bowers & Wilkins, Polk audio, klipsch, monitor audio, jbl, quad,energy, paradigm, wisdom audio,music fidelity, Boston acoustics, snell, Van Den Hul, AudioQuest, Altec Lansing, power cord, choseal, power distributor, preamplifier, interconnect cable Quad qed, xlo, supra, klotz, mogami, chord, kimber, oyaide, speaker cable, B&W, Philips, network audio player, oppo, Topping, naim, nad, krell, bryston, emotiva, parasound, levinson, mcIntosh, samsung, sony, panasonic, jvc, jamo, Cabasse, Mullard, Celestion, elac, monitor audio, interconnect, hifi, home-theatre, Gustard, movie, bluray, dvd, surround, sound, bass, power amp, integrated amp, amplifier, surround sound, Spotify, Sabre, home theater, ifi, fiio, cambridge audio, creative, apple, music, stereo, ibasso, Bang & Olufsen, Behringer, amp, phono, marshall, Acoustic Research, smsl, xmos, banana plug, TPA3116, TDA7492, cable, av receiver, AVR, XLR, Kenwood, Bowers Wilkins, Kef, Bang Olufsen, Sonos, dali, tannoy, Cayin, Edifier, Hertz, Fostex, wharfedale, Velodyne, pioneer, psb, Blaupunkt, Castle, usher, akg, beats, shure, hifiman, sennheiser, Mistral, beyerdynamic, Mordaunt Short, Logitech, Technic, Luxman, Lenco, Thorens, BMB, AR, Speakers, DAC, Focal, Martin Logan, Phono, Linn, Rotel, Audionote, Turntable, CD player, bookshelf, monitor audio, Dynaudio, LP, record, Dynaco, Rogers, vinyl record, tube, vintage, Rolex, Accuphase, Jadis, Corum, watch, Panerai, Zenith, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, AP, Girard Audio Technica, Audio Research, Goldmund, subwoofer, CD Clamp, Remote Control, Back Loaded Horn, Coaxial Digital Cable, Soldering Station, Esemble Cable, Harman Kardon, 30, 60, 80, 120, 160, 30gb, 60gb, 80gb, 120gb, 160gb