Is the Bible Intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant?- Self Enrichment Book


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Is the Bible Intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant? by Amy Orr-Ewing (Paperback) Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed Description: Why bother with the Bible? Of all the books in the world, the Bible sticks out like a sore thumb. For some, it's uniquely and divinely inspired, and thus the only authoritative source of truth. For others, it's a quaint relic from a bygone era that offers personal comfort to some but little more to anyone else. For still others, the Bible is a tool of sexist oppression, or a reactionary account of a violent God, or an arrogant detractor of other holy books, or even an indecipherable mess. But the Bible has withstood such criticism over the centuries, and as Amy Orr-Ewing shows, it bears surprising relevance to this generation. Facing contemporary critics square-on, with refreshing honesty and wit, Is the Bible Intolerant? will help you understand the Bible and the world it inhabits today. Bring your questions about the Bible, read with an open mind, and discover for yourself just how relevant--But how good--the Good Book can be. Amazon Book Review: 1) Great Reference Book - By J. Musil I had a copy of this book several years ago and found it so helpful that I gave my copy to my oldest daughter who works in a very large corporation and needed answers that she could use when questions came up about her faith in God. Several years have passed and I have needed this book as a reference in many instances to answer questions, especially in this political climate we are living in with other religions/lifestyles trying to usurp our country and the world. It is not an easy book to read, in that you cannot just sit down and read through the book without stopping and doing some thinking so that you get it right and can understand how to use the information when asked hard questions on your belief in God's Word which never lies and is all true from cover to cover. We cannot take out phrases or chapters of the Bible to satisfy POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. We must stand on the Bible and know that our Father has given us a guide book for our lives and we must follow God or face destruction of our souls. 2) Knocking down some common barriers to Christianity -By Rick R Ms. Orr-Ewing does a great job addressing head-on some of the most common - and thorny - popular and intellectual objections to Christianity. Her final chapter discussing her own home environment and introduction to Christianity is very compelling. Her ability to weather Oxford as a Christian Evangelical speaks for itself. Highly recommended to skeptics, new believers and seasoned evangelists all.

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