ISEHAN - Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (#01 Black)


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ISEHAN - Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (#01 Black) Brand new in packaging Ultra fine tip & water proof Postage: $0.50 ISEHAN - Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner is able to create an impressive eye makeup look that stays dazzling and intense throughout the day, without the need for touch up. No more rushing to the mirror to check for panda eyes or missing winged tips! The formula: -Ensures eyelines dry instantly (No risk of panda eyes from smudging!) -Eye lines are more lasting with strengthened resistance against water, sweat and sebum (Improved waterproof and smudge-proof functions!) -Infused with beauty cosmetic ingredients! Addition of beauty essences that takes care of the delicate area around your eyes and promote lash growth during application (Hyaluronic acid Na, Water soluble collagen and Swertia Japonica essence) Get instant plastic surgery effect with this k palette eyeliner! With super rich color finish, makes your eyes look bigger. Ultra fine (sharp) brush, quick drying, in film-type colorant with high resistance to water, sweat and tears, while still easy to remove by lukewarm water (or eye makeup remover in some cases). It also contains beauty essences like hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen. The formula used is the same water-proof, sebum-resistant one that dries instantly and stays on the skin for ages. This are one of the longest-wearing liquid eyeliner and Japanese brands like K-Palette and Heroine have the most resistant and the most pigmented formulas. A deep, dazzling black eyeliner with an ultra fine, yet flexible tip for ease and precise application. Waterproof and sweat proof, the liquid eyeliner comes with a quick dry formula to prevent smudges and smears. Long wearing and with an intense shade, eyes are enhanced and defined for hours on end, without need of touch-ups. Features Smudge Proof Type In tears, sweat, water, sebum the keep the line strong, freshly painted all day Excellent durability, while warm water easily removed and sure In Deep Dark Eyes Sharp Black density can be increased, directing the eyes an impressive highlight black eyes in a rich color Brush Tip can easily draw a 0.1 mm Ultra fine brush, without lashes when delicate lines and Crows hit, shake can draw easily Hyper-durable water-proof formula, resists tears, water and sebum. Ultra-fine brush tip for easy strokes only 0.1 mm-wide tip. Waterproof, smudge proof formula easily washes off with warm water. Contains serum ingredients, collagen, hyaluronic acid, rosehip extract and panthenol. How to Use: Apply on eyeline area. If the liquid does not come out, close the cap with the pen head down and shake the pen. Use facial cleanser for removal if needed. Pack Size - 0.4ml Made in Japan Tags: k palette, eye liner, eyeliner, eye pencil, kohl pencil