Italy MaxCare MoroccN Organics Argan Oil Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner & Hair Mask


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ITALY MAXCARE MOROCCAN ORGANICS ARGAN OIL Argan Oil Color Protect Silky Oil (100ml) - $18.90 Revitalizing Shampoo (260ml) - $18.90 Revitalizing Conditioner (260ml) - $18.90 Argan Oil Pure Nourishing Hair Treatment Mask (500g) - $20.90 Rtp: $35.90 - $40.00 Expiry: July 2019 (Argan oil) Expiry Date:  Jan 2019 (Shampoo & Conditional) Expiry Date: Apr 2020 (Hair Mask) Argan Oil (100ml) ---------------------------' ▪ Daily use oil for hair treatment ▪ Premium glass bottle (100ml) ▪ Enriched with moroccan oil, orange flower oil, water soluble protein, rosemary and other micro-molecule plant essential oil ▪ Supplement refining protein to hair while deeply repairing dry or damaged hair caused by coloring or chemical treatment ▪ Leave hair vibrant and elastic ▪ Suitable for dry, damaged or frequently colored hair Directions: Apply a small amount into palm and rub hands together and distribute evenly on towel-dried hair or dry hair. Leave on. Plus points: ▪ Concentrated argan oil ▪ Nice fragrance ▪ Fast absorbant ▪ Non sticky / non greasy Revitalizing Shampoo (260ml) Revitalizing Conditioner (260ml) ----------------------------------- Professionally formulated for dry, damaged and frizzy hair. This shampoo contain Argan Oil and Vitamin A and E which can effectively prevent UVA and UVB damaged while repairing the damaged area of hair shaft.  Morocco Oil moisturising essence penetrates into into the hair shaft to create a barrier for repairing dry, colored or chemically treated hair, reviving the hair back to its natural shine and elasticity. DIRECTIONS: Wet hair and apply shampoo,gently working lather into scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with Helichrysum Revitalizing Conditioner and Hair Mask. Argan Oil Pure Nourishing Hair Treatment Mask (500g) ----------------------------------------- Enrich with Argan oil active ingredient with antistatic properties to thoroughly alleviate the irritation to scalp while rejuvenating and revitalizing damaged hair caused by hot styling tools and enviormental elements. Leaving hair refreshing, lustrous and easy for styling. Containing shea butter to deep condition and nourish each hair for a vibrant and healty look. Self collection at Macpherson MRT Station or Smartpac Lite with tracking number + $3.80 More offers @ No refund or exchange after item sold #PayLahAccepted # hari raya Singapore national day GSS

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