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(J248) COSBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Remover System


Blk 141 Serangoon North Avenue 2






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**Factory EX stock. Box not sealed. Item good / unused condition** Description Color:Pink Permanent Hair Removal: Replaces traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators,COSBEAUTY Hair Removal Device uses professional intense pulsed light to target precisely melanin in hair follicles to disable the hair regrow abilty, which results in permanent hair removal at home,It's perfect for sensitive areas like bikini lines but versatile enough for larger areas like legs and arms. It includes a skin tone sensor to ensure your skin and hair tone are suitable, as well as five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment.Lamp life: 100,000 flashes Who can use it? Avoid using on naturally dark or recently tanned skin. This beauty tool is ideal for use with lighter skin tones and brown-to-black hair. For additional safety, COSBEAUTY has a built-in smart sensor that detects if skin tone is too dark for treatment and will not pulse if the skin has too much pigment for treatment. When will I see results? what is the treatment and schedule ? With just two to four self-treatment sessions, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results produced by professionally administered laser procedures. 1.For the first four sessions: treat each area once every two week. 2.After the fourth session, treat each area once a month. 3.Most women will need 6 to 8 treatment sessions for permanent hair removal. 4.Most men will need an average of 8 to 10 treatment sessions. What should I pay attention to when using?Note1: Keep the power cord being plugged in, do not pull the plug out during using it. The device don't need to be charged in advance, just use it directly since connect the power cord. Note2: 20% battery means standby status (indicates the device has been connected to the power cord well), 100% battery means hair removal available status. - CosBeauty IPL Hair Removal Device ranked first in Japan market and have been very successful in hair removal product category.

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