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DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, DELIVERY WILL BE WITHIN 5-7 WORKING DAYS TO RECEIVE 232 kinds of vegetables and fruits enzyme Carefully selected beauty-supporting ingredients help you to successful diet. Detox & Smooth digestion !! No.1 ranking in Rakuten Japan Yeast enzyme It works on your diet! Let's burn your fat. No.1 ranking in Rakuten Japan BLUE : Night Enzyme/Diet during sleep !!! You won't waste your time. During you are sleeping, it activates your metabolic enzymes and growth hormone. Support your diet from the inside of the body. 4 Amino acid. Ornithine, Citrulline, Arginine, Lysine * Plant enzyme made 232 kinds of vegetables and fruits * For those who eat late at night 232 vegetables & fruits enzyme: Normalize your digestive body cycle. L‐ornithine:Generates a muscle and bone , support the secretion and metabolism of growth hormone. Citrulline: Also known as a super amino acid. improve the swelling and poor circulation . L- arginine: Help to reduce appetite. Also develop muscle while reducing body fat. L- lysine hydrochloride: One of the essential amino acid. carnitine.

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