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- price is per pack - 40 pills per pack! - take 2 pills a day, after meal! - no nego - no trade [Product Specifications] breakdown: Contents: 18.2g (1 grain weight 300mg * 40 grains) about 20 days raw materials: raw materials olive oil sweet clover extract end Java tea extract powder ginkgo leaf extract powder gelatin glycerin beeswax glycerin fatty acid ester pepper extract nutrition component (per grain 455mg) heat 2.7kcal protein 0.14g lipid 0.20g carbohydrates 0.09g sodium 0.47mg sweet clover extract powder (coumarin 5%) 100mg Java tea extract powder 10mg ginkgo leaf extract powder (24% flavonoids terpene lactones 6%) 10mg pepper extract 1mg < br> [commodity details] "DHC melilot 20 days 40 grains" is melilot and Java tea extract powder ginkgo leaf extract powder is a supplement containing a combination such as red pepper extract. Please help us to every day of beauty and health maintenance. Please enjoy the two tablets served daily dose as a guide. As it is please enjoy without chewing at you enjoy water or lukewarm water. ※ This product is avoid excessive intake please enjoy so as not to exceed the daily recommended dose. If you feel abnormal to the attention your body please stop drinking. Check the ingredients on who have food allergies Please do not eat. You are taking the medicine or in a hospital you are pregnant please enjoy after consultation with your doctor. ...

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