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Brand new directly from Japan Camellia Oil has been used by Japanese Geisha from long ago till now (you can google it) to nourish and protect hair from damage Multi benefits for haircare, skincare and bodycare Able to used for around 6 months for the bottle (60ml) Able to be used for all skin types Able to be used for whole body for skincare, haircare or bodycare ***I have been using this product for a month and there is great improvement in my hair Scentless as it is 100% pure camellia oil For more information: Benefits for haircare: - Softens hair and makes it more manageable - Restores hair's natural sheen - Helps hair retain moisture - Forms a barrier against environmental pollutants - Repairs breakage and split ends - Treats dry scalp and itchiness - Help prevents dandruff - Treats damage from perms and coloring Commonly used by Japanese for haircare like so: - Towel dry hair after washing. - Put a few drops (2-3) of Camellia oil into your palms and spread well. ***Do not apply more than 2-3 drops it can look oily on your hair and weigh them down, 2-3 drops is enough - Starting from the top, apply into hair and scalp using fingertips. - Pay special attention to hair ends, They tend to be drier and more subject to breakage and damage. For deep hair treatment to help restore brilliance to dull hair and treat damage from heat, perms and coloring: - apply a few drops (3-4) into hair before washing hair. ***Do not apply more than 3-4 drops it can look oily on your hair and weigh them down, 3-4 drops is enough - Cover with shower cap, and wrap with towel (to keep it warm) for 20-30 minutes. You can extend this time to up to one hour. - Shampoo and rinse as usual. Hair Care - Use as Daily Conditioner - Deep Treatment Pack - Use With Seaweed Hair Cleanser Skincare and Facial Use - Vitamin E and Sunblock Claims - Use in Combination with Rice Bran Oil Body Care - Nails and Cuticle Care For more benefits: For reviews: ***You can google or search in youtube for review videos Type: Treatment / Mask

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