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Japan SIM card - unlimited Data Roaming up to 15 days




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Network in Japan provided by NTT DoCoMo Save the hassle of buying and registering for a SIM card.Get it before you fly. Don’t get yourself without internet when you are overseas. In most countries,it’s tough to find a shop that sell SIM cards. ❤️Refund policy for ease of buy without worries ❤️available in unlimited/Long validity/short validity plans ❤️Unlimited data plan to 29 countries. ❤️No registration needed. ❤️No TOP up. ❤️No voice No sms ❤️Plug and Play ❤️SIM card can be used in multiple countries if you are travelling e.g Hongkong,China,Macau ❤️Can access Facebook and WhatsApp in China ❤️does not support router and hotspot COUNTRY Telco OPERATOR Japan 🇯🇵 NTT DoCoMo ❤️Unlimited plans pricing: (10% off usual price, fair usage policy applies) don't stream video will be ok. 3 days -$12.99 5 days- $17.90 7 days- $23.90 10 days -$33.90 15 days-$47.90 ❤️Short validity plans pricing: (High speed download) 3 days 1GB -$11.90 5 days 1GB -$12.9 8 days 1 GB-$13.9 ❤️Long validity plans pricing: (High speed download) 30 days 1GB -$15 30 days 2GB -$28 30 days 3GB -$36 30 days 5GB -$50 ❤️From $3.19/day only 100% refund if Sim is faulty and can’t use. No refund if Sim is tested working ***What is fair usage policy?*** 'Unlimited' service is not always without limits. The limits are set with a Fair Usage Policy, which is a set of rules that impose a threshold on the amount of units (minutes, seconds, kilobytes etc.) used by users of a service. This is normally imposed on those services that are termed ‘unlimited’ which would initially mean that the user can use as many/much of the offered service as they want. Since abuse can happen, either intentional or non-intentional, the limit is imposed. As a limit of this abuse from one or a segment of the users, other users will be penalized. Also, the company offering the service loses as well. So, a fair usage policy stands as a means to avoid abuse and in the process protects the other consumers as well as the provider. Users are advised to take note of the data limit capped by the service providers e.g Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in each country. The Service Providers implements a data limit to the user when a channel becomes overload and this limit varies in different countries, depending on their policy regulations. The user may experience either slow data speed, temporarily idle for a period of time, if the data usage exceeded the assigned limit. Add $0.80 for mail. Estimate 3-5 working days for mail

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2019 Aug

great service and seller actually delivered to doorstep although at a small fee. Fast response too, highly recommended!